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Tri-X-Stand Carnivore Hunter’s Adaptive Shooting System


This shooting system shown is made to fit this wheelchair shown; however this same shooting platform fits a lot of chairs with out any changes needed. This little carnivore hunter’s rifle rest can be made to fit just about any wheelchair, off road vehicle or mount to any solid frame you would like to shoot from. The rifle cradle can be slid forward or back wards to fit you’re shooting needs and locked in place for correct length. The up right supports are inserted in the bottom brackets to fit standard ½ ridged conduits and allow you to adjust to your shooting height. This rest shown comes with all the parts to fit this wheelchair. This chair has 17 inch center measurement of the swing out 70 degree standard lock in type foot rests. The arm rest supports bars come with standard 3/8 bolt rod covered with rubber tubing and can be attached to most wheelchair arm rests with the supplied standard 3/8 threaded rod type pipe fittings. If installed and rifle is strapped correctly you will not receive any recoil when shooting but still enjoy the full solid feeling fluent range of movement. This shooting system was designed so it can be easily modified to fit most if not all wheelchairs or off road buggies with very little effort. Picture show with leg padding on sides is purchased separately.

This rest uses the same type swivel platform used in all my Tri-X-Stand rifle rests and will give you all the same shooting features. So even if your wheelchair is not on level ground your rifle or crossbow will be easily maintain a level stance.

Feel free to email me or call and discuss your needs. A few pictures and measurements of your chair maybe necessary to make sure your needs are met.

All our Tri-X-Stand shooting platforms and parts can be used on this rest.

I can only supply you with parts that help you get out in the field shooting and can not be responsible for how you use the parts. With this assembly or making modifications to your shooting needs you will need to have the installation over seen by your doctor and an experienced mechanical type person. Safety is your concern when assembling any of these parts.

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