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Deer Bind Window Shooting System


This new shooting system will give you bench rest shooting capability from your deer type blinds. It slides right and left, up and down and will lean right and left for a full rang of movements all at the same time. All the center pivot adjustments tensions can be set and stay that way until you change them with just one control knob.

Handicapped Hunters

This new system also gives most handicapped hunters the ability to shoot with bench rest ability from a blind.  Check it out and see if we can help make you a better shooter with a lot more fun. Recoil is a thing of the past with this set up!!

Note 1/2 Ridged conduit mounting system not supplied.

This rifle rest is also in interchangeable and mounts to our 2011 model Tri-X-Stands  Your window installed brackets and sliding rail can stay mounted in your blind and you can install the swivel top on the Tri-X-Stand tripod or our handicapped Wheel chair bracket if purchased separately to make this an all around superb shooting system.

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Price: $489.00

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