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Coyote Howlers

Coyote Howlers


I am very happy with the sound of the Coyote Howler! Since everything is locked in solid I can get some very high pitched ear hurting howls, crisp barks, hurt pup cries and whimpers. The Coyote Howler call reed is easily changeable and can be custom tuned by any person that owns one. Each Coyote Howler is tuned by me before they go out my door!Reed replacement and changing made simple:

Just remove the reed holder “stop” by pushing from the “bell end” of the call with the eraser end of a small dial. pencil or any small object that fits between the reed and the inside edge of the call to free up the “reed stop”

Install a new reed

Put the “reed stop” back in place loosely

Tune the call to your liking

When you are happy with sound: Push the reed stop the rest of the way in until flush with face of call and you are finished!

Howler Base price   $65 + shipping  for single type of wood, multiple laminates or custom work are priced individually.

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Price: $65.00

Custom Deluxe Calls

Custom Deluxe Calls


Custom Deluxe Calls” Predator Calls and Carnivore Calls

Custom Deluxe Call is a two-piece call. This call is nothing short than a work of art.  The Custom Deluxe Call is the most versatile, best sounding, covered adjustable reed call you will ever use.  The Custom Deluxe Call is fully adjustable and has a sound chamber and a sound bell interior hand shaped by me.  The Custom Deluxe makes animal and bird distress calls of such quality you may think you have musical instrument not just a predator call for making predator-hunting sounds.  These calls fit your hand comfortably and sound great even with gloves on for cold weather hunting.  Calls currently displayed on this page are in Cocobolo, Orange Padauk, Mahogany and figured Walnut. There are other types of woods used for this call but they vary with availability.  Check in from time to time to view new calls in other types of woods!

Selections Include Many Domestic and Exotic Woods (based on availability) Examples:

  • Cocobolo
  • Walnut
  • Orange Padauk
  • Mahogany
  • Mixes of the above:
    *Wood types may vary with local availability*
    (You must contact us to see which wood types we have available)

Price: $55 + Shipping  (This is hand made and expertly tuned and is only available by request)

Product not in stock

Price: $55.00